Professional Astrologer

Bill Hedrick lives in Sedona, Arizona with his wife, Janice and Abyssinian cat, Jupiter. He enjoys hiking, helping clients, and writing his books.

He has been helping clients as a personal and business consultant with the ancient and advanced use of astrology for over two decades. He has coached literally thousands of clients world-wide (including celebrities) via phone, internet and in-person, helping them to make important decisions for growth in their lives.

With an innate sense of wisdom, Bill aids your evolution process with an outcome that works with your specific life path and birth chart. Your individual astrology chart is interpreted by Bill to assist you in living your highest and best possible future, giving you a rewarding sense of purpose. His guidance and feedback is filled with inspiration and insight. There is never a bad chart or negative chart, if you understand the options available and the lessons to be learned with your choices. Bill always helps to find your most positive life path from among the many alternatives available to you.

After a personal session with Bill, you will have greater insight and answers to which direction to take in your present cycle. After your initial session, Bill will recommend appropriate follow-up sessions depending on your needs. Bill has helped many people to find their own way, discover more peace in their life, and choose a higher more rewarding path. Bill gives you wise and evolved counsel to help you with your current and future life decisions.

All sessions will be handled with the utmost discretion and privacy. Client confidentiality agreement available upon request.

  Bill and Janice

Bill and his wife Janice
– Sedona, Arizona