Lifepath Consulting

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Private personalized phone or Skype sessions are available. All astrology sessions include consultation and astrological birth chart.

Your personal consulting is fully interactive so you may ask real-time questions and decide to shift the focus of your astrology session. Clients do not have to pay for the phone call. This includes U.S. and International calls. At the time of your appointment, you call in, and Bill will call you right back.

All sessions will be handled with the utmost discretion and privacy. Client confidentiality agreement available upon request.


Initial Astrology Session
$275 for 1.5 hours
Focus is on your specific life path, personal timing of cycles, keys in your astrological birth chart to move the life forward, and your specific chart questions. Customized to fit your needs such as relationships, finances, health, and career. An Astrocartography chart may be added upon request (see below).

Follow-up Astrology Session
$175 for 1 hour or $225 for 1.5 hours
Follow-up sessions build on the initial astrology reading with further critical detail and personal timing. It is customized to fit your needs and may cover relationships, health, finances, and career. Depending on your needs, this may be scheduled weekly, monthly, quarterly, six month or annually. For deep personal growth with ongoing counsel see Transformational Packages.

Relationship Compatibility Astrology Session
$275 for 1.5 hours
Each relationship forms a unique astrology chart containing a composite matrix. This is a deep and enlightening 1.5 hour session combining two individual birth charts into one composite relationship chart. Understand your souls’ purpose and the highest good of why you have come together, maximizing your relationship’s potential. See the current and future picture of your relationship as well as understanding your purpose. For beginning relationships, Bill will help you understand your compatibility, purpose and potential.

If desired, Bill will choose the most auspicious date and time for your wedding or commitment ceremony

"Thank-you Bill for helping me find my new relationship! You helped me with the timing, location and exact type of person I wanted to meet. Your help in finding this relationship was incredible." -- Client, Jennifer, Seattle, WA


Astrocartography Astrology Session
Add to any session. Fee dependent on time.

Where do you belong?

Astrocartography produces a map of the world that is all about you. It is created from your unique astrology birth chart and is your own personal atlas. Bill will generate the best locations for finding relationships, intelligent home moves, career placement, or financial enhancement. During the session he will research the specific locations that interest you. You will also receive a personal Astrocartography location world map with your personal astrocartography.

"Bill, I wanted to thank-you for helping us with our decision about where to relocate. You may remember we were confused with several options. You were absolutely right."  -- Client, Rhonda, New York, NY


Year-Long Astrology Consulting
$2,700 - 12 Months
Includes Initial Evaluation Session and Reserved Monthly 1+ hour Consultation.
Split payments may be arranged. All major credit cards accepted or Paypal.

Six-Month Astrology Consulting
$1,500 - 6 Months
Includes Initial Evaluation Session and Reserved Monthly 1+ hour Consultation.
Split payments may be arranged. All major credit cards accepted or Paypal.

The Transformational Package is designed as an investment in you and your future.

Astrologer, Bill Hedrick, offers personal ongoing astrology counsel which creates deep long-term growth as well as fast development emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. You will dive deep into your chart specific north and south nodes giving you a scientific yet simple guide to your best possible future. Do not fall into your "south node" traits (where you have been before) when you experience fear or insecurities. Learn how to live powerfully, joyfully and peacefully by staying in your north node, which is what you have come here to experience. You will be able to apply the new found inspiring knowledge into your daily life. 

This ongoing personalized counseling, guidance and support is accurately based on your individual astrological birth chart to create a rewarding and satisfying life. Go through life's changes with powerful insight based on your individual needs according to your personal astrological birth chart or life map. With this deep level of work, you will go through these transitions making intelligent decisions with a wise personal life coach. By using your unique blueprint, of your astrological birth chart as the guide, you have a constant peek over the horizon and into your future. Bill is able to access much more specific detailed information by working with your birth chart long-term.

Transformational Packages are a powerful mental, physical, emotional and spiritual unfolding. They build self growth, life advancement, knowledge and skills that last for a lifetime. It is a commitment to walk through your changes together as a team with Bill. Enjoy step-by-step progressive action on your personalized plan.

Transformational areas of focus:

  • Life path and direction
  • New or existing relationships
  • Finance potential
  • New locations
  • Career
  • Travel
  • Hidden potentials
  • Personal cycles and timing

All major credit cards accepted or PayPal.


"Bill, I was comforted when you read my chart. There was an explanation for the changes in my life. Your suggestions for facing these changes gave me a new perspective. Instead of being afraid, I began to feel excited about what was ahead. In the end I got a better job in a new career, something I would not have risked without your counseling."
-- Client, Marcia, Los Angeles, CA