Corporate Consulting

Discovering the Lifepath and full potential of your business or corporation is the focus of Corporate Consulting. 

Utilizing and interpreting the information gained from the Astrological chart of your corporation combined with the Astrological charts of the leaders, Bill is able to clearly see the potential for your business, and provide guidance to the decision makers to put your corporation on it’s Lifepath to success. 

Providing continuing guidance, tools, and the confidence to follow the Lifepath of the corporation is the focus of these meetings. These empowering and clarifying meetings may be arranged for half day or full day sessions and be tailored to fit your individual needs, regarding location and number of people attending. 

Your business will benefit from new insight, energy and perspective. Meetings and retreats are combined with follow-up sessions by phone and/or in-person, to keep your business on-track.

Please contact us to discuss meeting locations.

Small business consulting begins at $400 per hour. Rates and scheduling available upon request.

All consulting will be handled with the utmost discretion and privacy. Client confidentiality agreement available upon request.


  Bill Hedrick

"I have known and used Bill to guide my business and interpersonal decisions for over 20 years. Bill's advice has been profoundly helpful and has become my unofficial Board. Thank you Bill." 
-- Client, President Fraser C.